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Hymns & Folk Songs

Hannah Friedman has graciously uploaded versions of the current month’s Hymn and Folksongs on her YouTube Channel @FolksandHymns.
Go subscribe, and enjoy clear guitar accompaniment to sing along with at home!

We love singing together each month as a part of our large group Gathering. We believe that learning, singing, and sharing both hymns and folksongs allows our students to connect with past generations in a unique way. Whether silly, somber, or Spirit-filled these songs harken back to another era and allow students to sample musical traditions that have been handed down through the ages.

But we hope it doesn’t stop there! We hope families take the songs into their school and free times. We hope that by learning and singing the songs throughout the month that we cease to view these traditional tunes as mere auditory artifacts of a time gone by, but as an inheritance instead—one we feel compelled to keep and carry on!